Welcome to Saxon Mills

We are a new media company that creates online video and media campaigns. We deliver top quality content and strategy for industry and entertainment syndication.

A Brief History

Saxon Mills began in 2005, creating three series for the mobile platform, a cooking show, a comedy series, and a scripted narrative. Finding distribution and syndication in Europe and Australia, we embarked on a yearlong journey, producing daily content. Featuring Bonnie Borst and a large ensemble, News for Blondes and its spin-offs peaked at nearly 100,000 views/day on YouTube and maintained a high daily view count for the balance of its run. One of its spinoffs was an Official Honoree of the 2007 Webby Awards. During this period, Saxon Mills became one of the first YouTube partners ever. In the following years, the team created numerous web series (receiving many millions of views) and commercials (seen on ESPN, etc.).  Currently, our series Double Leche, which takes a look at the awkward and sometimes funny situations that arise for nursing moms, is an official selection at the Independent Television Festival.

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