International Academy of Web Television Select J. Sibley Law as Chair and April as Grant Vice-Chair

Los Angeles & New York—The International Academy of Web Television held a board meeting this week where it elected new executive officers. J. Sibley Law, President of Saxon Mills, was selected by the board to the post of Chair.  April Grant, creator of Indie-Intertube and producer of the documentary series Indie Interstate, was selected by the board to the post of Vice-Chair. The board itself includes executives and executives of Dailymotion, Sony, United Artists, and Yahoo, as well as award winning creators of independent and branded digital series.

Law, who has been a management consultant for more than a decade, has also helmed more than 20 independent digital series. He has been an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards and has a series premiering at ITVFest, later this month. Grant, who has been an ongoing creator and host for the Indie talk show hit Indie Intertube, a four-time IAWTV Awards Nominee, is also the producer of documentary series Indie Interstate, has spoken multiple times at CES about audience building and integration, and was a moderator at the inaugural Geek Girl Convention in Seattle. Together they bring a combination of business experience coupled with the bootstrapping spirit that has turned many independent series in to branded success stories.

“We are at a critical time for the organization,” Law explained. “I am excited to work with the board to make some important changes as we re-energize the membership.” Grant echoed those sentiments saying, “I am very much looking forward to working with the board as we turn our attention to the membership.” Following the announcement by board member Jeff Burns (Super Knocked Up), Law posted on the organization’s facebook page that “the organization needs all of us to contribute to the community.” With his statement was a posting about committee opportunities and new leadership for many committees as well as some newly formed committees, such as the Women in Web Television Committee being led by Board Member Susan Miller (Anyone But Me) and the Liaison Committee being led by Jeff Burns.

About the IAWTV

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) is a nonprofit organization comprised of leaders in the field of web video, and the digital entertainment industry.

Founded in 2009, the IAWTV is helping to shape the rapidly evolving digital entertainment industry while providing a venue for the acknowledgement of artistic and technological achievement in original entertainment distributed on the open internet.

IAWTV members include actors, agents, composers, content developers, directors, editors, producers, technology innovators, writers, and other industry professionals all of whom joined the organization based on their passion and dedication to advance the craft of digital entertainment.


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