YouTube’s Jump Points Discovered in Bryan Singer’s H+


If you haven’t taken a gander at Bryan Singer’s H+ series, you should.

Written and created by John Cabrera (Gilmore Girls), directed by Stewart Hendler (Machinima’s Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn), and released by Warner Brothers Digital Distribution, it is easily one of the most epic, well shot, well thought through web series released this year. One thing making the series even more enjoyable is how the series groups episodes into ‘chapters’. If you do happen to watch the series that way you might notice an exciting feature they use to keep the viewer moving from episode to episode: in and out markers in the playlist skip opening bumpers and end credits. Being able to add… READ THE FULL ARTCLE ON TUBEFILTER LOCATED HERE:

One response to “YouTube’s Jump Points Discovered in Bryan Singer’s H+

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